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May I copy pages from your books?

Sure! The recipes are designed to be cut out and pasted on 4”x 6” cards.

Have the recipes been tested?

Yes! It was tasty work!

Can I buy both of the books at once—and maybe get a discount?

We wish! We are working with Amazon to try to make this possible. Sign up and we will email you when getting a discount on a series—which we think customers deserve—becomes a reality.

How can I get in touch with you?

Please send us an email we'd be happy to hear from you.

What is your return policy?

Books purchased from Sunflower Education are easily returned within 30 days of receipt via's Online Returns Center.

How do I solve a problem with my order?

We are sorry that you are inconvenienced! Amazon handles all of our order processing and shipping. Their customer service is the best in the business.

Please visit Amazon Customer Service.

You can also reach their automated service line at 1-866-216-1072. International customers should call 1-206-266-2992. Charges may apply.

Are you a green company?

Yes! Sunflower Education uses "print on demand" (POD) technology. That means we only print books as orders come in. And that means there are never any extra books to end up in a landfill. Plus, we have no need for climate-controlled warehouses, delivery trucks, and so on. This reduces our carbon footprint by a stunning amount. Moreover, the paper for our book interiors is made from 30% post consumer waste recycled material. We are committed to recycling any waste materials that may result from the printing process. Our products are 100% recyclable. Our manufacturing practices are continually reviewed to ensure we are doing our part to protect the environment.

Cooking Up Some

History! FAQs

Cooking Up Some American History cookbook front cover
Cooking Up Some World History cookbook front cover